"Alan did a top job installing front and rear dash cams on my SUV, and I am very pleased. It was nice having him come to my house to do the work. Everything that he did was thoroughly explained, done well and neatly. The cameras are working at all times, not only while driving, but also in the garage and parking lots. There is coverage if someone breaks into the garage or damages my car in a parking lot. Videos are on both my smart phone and my computer. I feel much better now about driving, knowing I have proof if something bad happens. Also I know that if I have questions, Alan is readily available to answer them. I highly recommend dashcams installed by Dashcam Dynamics!"

Glenda P.

Retired Automobile Racer/Teacher/Librarian


"In this day and age, you can never be too careful. From auto accident scammers to just plain bad drivers, you are at risk every time you get on the road. This is why I decided to protect my vehicle, myself, my children and my assets by having an "electronic witness" installed by Dashcam Dynamics. Alan was great, as he was patient with all of my questions and helped me decide on which setup would work best for my needs. I went with a setup that includes a rear camera to "cover my ass", so to speak. The installation is outstanding. Everything is hooked up beautifully, secured, and all wires are neatly tucked away. Alan was extremely professional, walked me through all of the awesome features on my cam, and offered follow up assistance as needed. I feel so much more comfortable and covered while driving. I even utilize this cam for child custody exchanges by parking and facing the location of the exchange. I now have complete confidence while on the road and when dealing with difficult individuals in my life, knowing that my cam is recording everything and will be my witness should I ever need it. I would highly recommend a professional installation by Dashcam Dynamics so you know it is done right!"

Caidyn E.

Reno Businessman


"After an accident a while ago I started thinking about the difficulties that arise in proving or disproving liability in a comparative negligence state like Nevada and came to the conclusion that it would be worthwhile to look into a dashcam. I decided that even though a dashcam would go largely unused, much like insurance, I would be glad I had it in the event of another accident or even to others as a witness to an accident. To that end, I started researching dashcams and found that there were quite a few choices out there with various good and bad points."

"In the course of that research I came upon Dashcam Dynamics and it’s local owner Alan Sapega. After contacting Alan, who responded promptly to my call, I told him what my concerns were and he suggested a dashcam that would satisfy my needs. Having absolutely no desire to install one of these things myself, so the wires were as hidden as possible, I purchased a unit through Alan. After the order was placed, Alan kept me informed regarding the status of the order and once it was received from the supplier and an appointment was made to have it installed at my home. While I awaited the installation date, Alan provided me with information about the unit I purchased so that I could get up to speed before it was installed."

"On the day of installation Alan arrived promptly and commenced to do a very professional installation. When he was finished the only wires that were visible were the ones connected to the unit itself. Although there was a very minor issue involving the placement of one cameras. Once Alan was aware of it the issue was resolved immediately. That’s what I call professional and a high degree of integrity. I just wish every person that I hire to do a job would act with such professionalism."

"After the installation Alan went over the unit's operation with me so I would know how to use it and he remains committed to address any issues that might come up in the future. If you are considering installing a dashcam, I can only give Alan and Dashcam Dynamics the highest recommendation."

Paul H.

Retired Attorney


"We had Alan install the BlackVue DR750X-Plus forward and rear facing dashcams in two of our cars and in my pickup after seeing the number of crazies moving into the Sparks/Reno area. He came prepared with all tools and equipment needed for the installations at our home. He showed great attention to detail and all three looked great once installed (especially tough as one auto was made in Australia). All three were set up for cloud video storage and after some AT&T teething problems, everything worked exactly as promised.

Every time he said he would be here he was – on time and ready. His quality work is outstanding, and we feel much more confident driving now in case of an incident - anywhere. I highly recommend Dashcam Dynamics. The value of having a personalized installation at your home vs dropping your auto off somewhere and not knowing what it looked like until you return is well worth it! If you don’t have dashcam, it’s just your word against theirs."

Richard F.

Retired Marine/Sparks Businessman

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