Why Get A Dashcam Today?

Here Are A Few Reasons Why:

There are several key reasons why you should protect yourself and your driving with a high-quality, high-tech dashboard camera system from Dashcam Dynamics:

  • Dashcams are increasingly popular because of the very real benefits they provide. Simply put, these small cameras record every detail of what takes place when you're on the road without fail. A dashcam is a must have for surviving today's roads. We all see the totally crazy stuff that inattentive drivers do these days. It's nuts! FACT: Being the safest driver on the road doesn't always guarantee your safety. Why go unprotected against the unexpected? A "Dashcam Defense System" is less expensive than you think.

  • A dashboard camera is the very best way to protect yourself in the event of a collision or a fraudulent injury or accident case. They objectively record driving circumstances and conditions while capturing vehicle and license plate details, traffic signs, signal data, faces and the actions of other drivers and pedestrians in close proximity to your vehicle. Your dashcam becomes a most reliable and objective eyewitness that is not susceptible to mistaken or altered memories like the human brain can be.

  • Today's drivers are often quite far from 100%. They can be distracted, intoxicated, lost, revoked, inattentive, angry, incompetent, medically compromised, uninsured, distressed, aggressive, drug-impaired, oblivious, reckless, inexperienced, sleep-deprived, preoccupied or have other issues that can put you in a very difficult or dangerous position. Bicyclists and pedestrians can cause problems. Road rage, hit and run drivers, insurance fraudsters, failure-to-yield and red light runners can turn your life upside down with their lack of responsibility. Why leave things like this to chance? Protect yourself with a dashcam!

  • Nevada's Comparative Negligence Statute (NRS 41.141) means an error in assigning fault and/or liability can cause you significant headaches, misfortune and financial hardship. It happens. Fault and/or liability can be incorrectly assigned in a traffic incident. Nevada is not a "No Fault" state. In difficult circumstances, people may be reluctant to openly admit their mistakes. You can find yourself being falsely accused of causing a circumstance you had absolutely nothing to do with. If the police encounter a he said/she said situation with no clear or obvious cause, they can assess and report the incident as a 50/50 fault circumstance and drop it in your lap to untangle afterwards. Being able to provide an objective digital video accounting that proves what actually happened at the scene can truly save the day for you. After all, who wants to be held responsible for someone else's negligence, carelessness or mistakes?

  • There were at least 1.6 million distracted driving accidents in America in 2019. We all see drivers on their phones every single day. This is not going away anytime soon. Capturing their inattention on video gives you an extraordinary advantage- especially when they blame you for the accident that they caused. It happens. No witnesses means no witnesses. There's no getting around that one unless you have dashcam footage. You can present exonerating video evidence to the police, accident investigators, the courts and your insurance company with the utmost confidence. Just think how much stronger your claim filing position is when it is combined with video evidence in your favor. Being able to clear yourself is a legal lifesaver in the worst of circumstances. Saving yourself some big bucks is a serious bonus.

  • Protecting yourself provides priceless peace of mind. A factual and accurate digital video accounting of what goes on out there can be a tremendous asset. It's also inexpensive insurance coverage. Being able to produce objective video evidence of what really happened can mean the difference between being falsely accused or being held responsible for something you didn't do and completely clearing yourself with indisputable proof! Your dashcam has your back every time. You might even record footage that helps someone else. You will be amazed at what a dashcam can capture!

  • Dashcam Dynamics is Reno's top rated mobile installation service that comes to you at your residence or place of business. It's ultra-convenient, professionally done and just think of all the time you will save! You'll avoid the inconvenience of dropping off your vehicle and arranging rides. Modern camera systems are highly reliable and very easy to use. A dashcam system makes a great holiday or birthday gift for just about everyone. Family packages and commercial fleet systems are available. Ask about the Military and First Responders discount.

  • Protect yourself, your family, your vehicle and your peace of mind with an always present digital eyewitness that has perfect recollection of all the facts on your behalf. Besides recording your driving, camera systems that offer parking mode allow you to proactively prevent parking lot accidents from leaving you with no options for compensation or reimbursement. Advanced motion and impact detection technology means your vehicle is protected even when you're not there. Record your visit to the mechanic and verify that work was done correctly and the car was test driven properly. A dashcam system is a potent deterrent against vandalism and vehicle theft. The bad guys know about cloud connectivity and the live view feature and don't want to end up captured on video or by the police.

  • The cost of a high quality dashcam system for your vehicle is negligible compared to the high costs of collision repairs, vehicle downtime, headaches, insurance deductibles and rate increases, let alone the court fees associated with defending yourself. Dashcam footage that clears you can dramatically cut insurance claim hassles and red tape while reducing the time needed to settle a claim. Backing your insurance claim with video is the strongest of positions to have.

  • It's way better to have a dashcam and never need it than to really need one and not have it. Think about it- does it make sense to leave yourself totally unprotected these days? Accidents happen, but being able to proactively avoid the many related hassles, aggravation and costs makes sense. And not having to pay your insurance deductible means your dashcam defense system easily pays for itself the first time it saves you. Also- keeping your driving record clean is an extremely BIG plus. My personal dual channel system has made me a better, safer driver.

  • You can record road trips, vacation footage, scenic journeys and special moments for memories that last. You'll be able to view your favorite scenery again and again and even share videos with friends and family.

  • Dashcam footage can be used to dispute questionable traffic citations when you are falsely accused of a violation. Verifiable video evidence is admissible in court. Enabling the GPS option means your speed becomes part of the video record. Being able to clear yourself from a ticket that you unfairly receive is huge.

  • Concerned parents can keep a watchful eye on the driving habits and on-road behavior of their teen drivers. Similarly, business owners and managers use dashcams to keep track of their fleet and to monitor employee behavior and habits.

  • To sum it all up, a dashcam system is a solid investment especially since it is so cost effective. It is advanced digital technology that makes sense. Today's units utilize a very straightforward, compact design consisting of a fixed-lens digital camera with audio capability that is discreetly installed behind your rearview mirror. Dual channel systems add a camera to the rear window of your vehicle in an unobtrusive location so you get to see and record everything, front and rear.

  • Protection isn't expensive, it's priceless! © copyright 2020 dashcam dynamics all rights reserved

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