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                                                       INVOLVED IN A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT??? 

                                                                   THEY CLAIM YOU HIT THEM???

                                                                              NOT YOUR FAULT???

                                                                                  HIT AND RUN???

                                       WITH YOUR DASHCAM, YOU CAN PROVE WHAT 

                                REALLY  HAPPENED WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE!!! 

                Get Protected NOW- Call 775-750-0181 Today!


*Please Note: Due to quality, reliability and warranty issues, Dashcam Dynamics does not install camera systems that we do not sell. BlackVue cameras have a 1 year warranty and are thoroughly tested and vetted so that we can support and stand proudly behind our work. SD Memory Cards have a 6 month warranty. THANK YOU in advance for your understanding. 

*Important: Due to supply chain and inflation issues, all price quotes are now subject to change without notice.

*Privacy Notice: Dashcam Dynamics understands that you care how your personal information is handled. With that in mind, rest assured Dashcam Dynamics will never share any client information with any entity for any reason whatsoever- period. 

*Cancelled Order Policy: After a camera system order is placed, a cancellation request will result in a non-refundable 20% restocking fee.

*Warranty Policy: All BlackVue Dashcams sold by Dashcam Dynamics include a 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty from the date of installation. SD memory cards are covered for 6 months from the date of installation. This Warranty covers manufacturer defects. It does NOT cover any damage related to traffic accidents, tampering, improper care, mistreatment or mishandling of the dashcam unit. Dashcam Dynamics stands behind the products sold, but please understand that as a small business, we are unable to warranty items either accidentally or intentionally damaged by traffic incidents, improper usage or circumstances out of our control.